Queen Excluder Scale System

For the easiest install, use the ModuSense Queen Excluder Scale System (QESS). Installed above the Queen Excluder, this solution incorporates all temperature, humidity and acoustic sensors within the frame. The QESS monitors the health of the hive as well as the production (weight) of honey in the super boxes above the Queen Excluder.

In beekeeping, the queen excluder is a selective barrier inside the beehive that allows worker bees, but not the larger queens and drones, to traverse the barrier.

  • Highly durable 3mm Alloy
  • Designed to sit above the Queen Excluder
  • Supports up to 180KG
  • Can be daisy-chained for a full pallet of 4 hives
  • Can be linked via Bluetooth for apiary-wide deployments

Proudly Kiwi Built

The ModuSense family of products are proudly New Zealand designed and manufactured.


Data Logging

More than 12 months of data can be captured within the controller for locations without connectivity.


Realtime data

Get realtime access to the health of your hive using the ModuSense cloud dashboards.