ModuSense Controller Gateway (Satellite)

When you need real-time data but cannot be sure if the site has good cellular coverage, satellite communication is the proven option.

The ModuSense Controller Gateway is a universal communications hub that will collect and transmit your data from anywhere on the planet. Being modular, it is possible to plug some sensors directly into the controller, such as weather stations. The network bus system leverages industry standards (RS485), allowing for the adaptation of almost any sensor.

Universal Communications Hub: The ModuSense Controller Gateway has LTE CAT-M1 connectivity (cellular) by default and options for satellite connectivity as needed. The mPCIe modem port on the controller allows for a range of satellite options to be considered.

Swarm Technologies: ModuSense recently became the first company to transmit commercial data through California-based satellite start-up, Swarm Technologies. Swarm's uniquely small satellites enable the company to provide global network services and user hardware at the industry's lowest cost and deliver maximum value across industries where IoT devices operate in rural or remote areas.

For urban locations or rural areas with good cellular coverage, please use the ModuSense Controller Gateway (Cellular Only)

Battery Backup: Automatically charged via the ModuSense Solar Charger, the on-board battery provides ongoing operation at night and in bad weather.

Online Reporting: Using the ModuSense Data Analysis Platform you can manage your data and set alert levels.

  • High quality UV stable IP67 enclosure
  • 6000mAH Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
  • Rugged 5W Solar Panel on Stainless Steel assembly
  • GPS for accurate data time-stamps and device location reporting
  • Controller Enclosure: 110mm x 150mm x 40mm
  • Solar Panel Assembly: 250mm x 200mm x 80mm (excl antenna)
  • Mounting Bracket: Design for strapping to hive top or bolting to a post/pole for permanent installations.

Proudly Kiwi Built

The ModuSense family of products are proudly New Zealand designed and manufactured.


Global Coverage

If you can see the sky, you are almost certain to have coverage with the ModuSense Satellite Gateway, leveraging the Iridium network.


GPS Location

By default, using a satellite communications link provides GPS location at the point of each transmission.