Temperature, Humidity, Acoustics and Light Sensor

Looking at environmental data is perfect for in-hive health monitoring. Real-time data is fed wirelessly back to the ModuSense Controller Gateway.

The combination of sensors on the ModuSense THA Colony Sensor provides beekeepers with insights regarding colony performance including thermoregulation, behaviour and strength.

The addition of a high precision light sensor aids data collection by alerting when hives are checked and if they are being tampered with.

BlueTooth 5 (BTLE) Data Transmitter

On-board Sensors

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Acoustics (frequency)
  • Light (lux)

PCB Only: 52mm x 24mm x 4mm

With Queen Cage: 80mm x 32mm x 12mm

Battery: CR2032 Lithium (~6 months)


Proudly Kiwi Built

The ModuSense family of products are proudly New Zealand designed and manufactured.


happy Colonies

Using the Temperature, Humidity, Acoustics sensor in conjunction with the ModuSense Hive Scale will give you complete hive health awareness.


Realtime data

Get realtime access to the health of your hive using the ModuSense cloud dashboards.