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A modular ecosystem of components

Built using the latest technologies and to the highest standards, you can leverage the ModuSense hardware and software stack in your next project.
The controller gateway comes equipped with the following capabilities on-board:

  • Cellular connection via u-blox SARA-R410M using LTE CAT-M1 (band 28) [external antenna]
  • Bluetooth 4 and 5 low energy via u-blox NINA-B111 [external antenna]
  • Embedded GPS + GNSS (Galileo, GLONASS, GPS / QZSS)
  • Ultra-low-power high-performance 3-axis accelerometer
  • High accuracy temperature and humidity sensor
  • 2 x ADC ports for analogue in or out.
  • 2 x Low-power, high-accuracy instrumentation amplifier inputs
  • 1 x 12v (84mA) RS485 input
  • 1 x I2C input supporting up to 127 devices
  • 1 x Solid state relay output with bi-directional EMF protection
  • Multiplexed power management for switching between GSM and Satellite
  • High accuracy temperature, humidity, lux and acoustics senors.