Apiculture Conference 2019

We had an insightful and exciting week in Rotorua at the New Zealand Apiculture Conference. More than a thousand delegates, dozens of trade stands and some exceptional international speakers.

For ModuSense this was the first industry-specific exposure event, the audience being the likely customer for our solution, therefore a great event to showcase.

Apiculture Conference 2019

Feedback from all commercial operators was universally positive and we have come away from the event even more confident that we are doing it right with the ModuSense solution for hive monitoring.

The conference as a whole covered everything from brand protection for Mānuka to the feeding behaviour of Varroa Destructor.

The fascinating talk, by the renowned Dr Samuel Ramsey, explained varroa in such scientific detail and yet with such clarity that the crowd couldn’t help but absorb the brilliance of the research. Read more here and the actual paper was published in the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) here.

There was an overall upbeat positivity to the event, everyone joining in on conversations and looking forward to how the industry can evolve to be truly sustainable. After three difficult years that have seen many close their doors, it is this positive approach and desire to collaborate for the common good that will help pave the way.