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Weather Station - Air Quality

$2,335.00 NZD
Plus any applicable taxes

The weather station incorporates a suite of sensors to provide weather and air quality data.  A more advanced version of this can be compiled if additional sensors or higher accuracy is required.

The bundle includes the Controller Gateway CG-SW-V2 and contains the following sensors:

  • Temperature (resolution 0.01 oC , accuracy 0.03 oC)
  • Humidity (resolution 0.01 %, accuracy 3 %)
  • Wind Speed (resolution 0.01 m/s, accuracy 0.5 m/s)
  • Wind Direction (resolution 1 deg, accuracy 3 deg)
  • Particulate Matter PM2.5 (resolution 1 ug/m3, accuracy 10 ug/m3)
  • Particulate Matter PM10 (resolution 1 ug/m3, accuracy 10 ug/m3)

Cellular: When connected to the cellular network the device will transmit hourly and include the data from nearby sensors.

SWARM:  Leveraging the latest in satellite technologies to provide a simple and cost-effective data transport capability. 

This device has been officially approved by Swarm Technologies as a certified product. 

The purchase price does not include Satellite access costs.

Battery Backup: Automatically charged via a solar panel (or optional mains power pack), the onboard battery provides ongoing operation at night and in bad weather when mains power is not viable. 

Online Reporting: Use the ModuSense Cloud dashboards to manage your data, set alert levels and generate reports.

Mobile App: Use the ModuSense App to manage your data and set alert levels.

Ongoing Costs: Requires a ModuSense Controller Satellite Subscription.

Access Compliance:  Swarm has regulatory approval in USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, and other parts of Europe and the world - please get in touch to confirm your location.

Warranty Information