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ModuSense Satellite Data Plan - Swarm Network (12 months)

$120.00 NZD
Plus any applicable taxes

Data plan includes 750 x 192 byte messages per calendar month, for 12 months!

When buying a Swarm Satellite Modem for use in your own product or for testing purposes, you need to activate the device for use on the Swarm Network. 

Data limits
This activation lasts 12 calendar months and includes up to 750 messages per calendar month.  Each message can be up to 192bytes in size. 

For more messages per month you can subscribe to additional data plans (stack the plans) up to a maximum of 3,000 message per month.

Data delivery
Messages are routed through the ModuSense Ingest Bus and either pushed to your application or stored for retrieval using the open API.  An added benefit of the ModuSense Ingest Bus is that it will queue messages should there be any failure in your application or the network connection to your application.

Plan Renewal
At the end of the 12 month period the data plan will automatically renew so long as the renewal fee has been paid (you will be sent a reminder near the end of the term).

The data plan is bound to the Modem Device ID and cannot be moved or shared.  No data pooling or carry-over options exist.