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ModuSense Hive Scale v5

$550.00 NZD
Plus any applicable taxes
Order before July 31st to secure your order for 2021. Shipping in October.
The ModuSense Hive Scale v5 is highly durable scale base for monitoring the weight of a beehive.
  • Highly durable 2mm Stainless Steel
  • Comes assembled with hive Doctor base and door
  • Supports up to 250KG
  • Includes ModuSense Collector (Bluetooth) to send data to a ModuSense Controller Gateway when real-time data is needed
  • The unit runs on an internal battery pack of AA batteries for up to two years.  You can then replace the batteries easily yourself
  • Tie-down strap not included (optional accessory)
  • The scales can be run in data-logging mode, connect with your mobile phone to download data when visiting, no controller gateway required

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