Global Integration Partnership

Swarm Technologies, provider of the world’s lowest-cost satellite solution, and LayerX Group, New Zealand’s premier IoT incubator, today announced a Global Integration Partnership to get customers up and running and help them realize the value of Swarm’s satellite network faster than ever.

Swarm provides the lowest cost global satellite connectivity available, which is a game changer for many customers. LayerX, a technology incubator with specialist R&D teams that help customers bring ideas to life, has successfully integrated the SwarmTile into multiple IoT products and deployed dozens of devices connected to the Swarm network. This makes them an ideal partner to help Swarm customers streamline device integration efforts and achieve optimal outcomes.

“Delivering product excellence means ensuring customers get everything they need and removing any barriers to success,” said Swarm CEO and Co-Founder Sara Spangelo. “The LayerX team are huge champions of Swarm and are wonderful partners to work with. We are thrilled to have such a knowledgeable team that we can rely on to jointly support our customers and improve Swarm integration and IoT connectivity outcomes.”

Swarm provides affordable satellite connectivity for IoT applications, particularly in remote regions that lack reliable access to the Internet. The geographic range of satellite is much greater than cellular networks or LPWANs. Satellite is also a highly reliable method of data transfer since – unlike terrestrial networks – it cannot be knocked out by weather events or man-made accidents. For IoT devices operating in rural or remote areas, however, highly expensive legacy satellite providers have traditionally been the only option. Swarm cuts satellite data costs by up to 20x, while ensuring that devices will stay connected everywhere at all times.

LayerX Founder and CEO Bruce Trevarthen said “We love working with Sara, Ben, and the entire Swarm team to facilitate better connectivity for IoT applications around the world. The use cases for Swarm are growing every day, and we look forward to seeing – and supporting – what comes next.”

About Swarm Technologies
Swarm provides the world’s lowest-cost two-way satellite communications network. Founded in 2016, Swarm is committed to making data and communications accessible to everyone, everywhere on Earth. Swarm’s uniquely small satellites enable the company to provide network services and user hardware at the industry’s lowest cost and deliver maximum value to customers across a range of industries including maritime shipping, agriculture, energy, and ground transportation, providing the highest value for low-bandwidth use cases such as asset tracking and sensor monitoring. To learn more, visit

About LayerX Group
LayerX provides full service technology and product commercialisation along with specialist product and problem solving support. Since 2006 the group has been constantly growing with expansion of the team into rapid prototyping, electronics research and development services and since 2016 a key focus on IoT communications capabilities. LayerX exists to incubate ideas and bring them to life, delivering real business outcomes by leveraging the latest technological advancements.