Helping farmers’ reduce their water woes!

Water is vital, and without it, it will be tough to grow anything in many drought-stricken regions. That’s why any technology that can help farmers manage and save water is welcome news.

And this breakthrough is literally – out of this world.

If you didn’t already know, Swarm Satellites are the smallest commercially operational satellites in space. They have been described as the size of a toasted cheese sandwich and weigh just 400 grams.

That small size significantly reduces each satellite’s launch cost, making the Swarm network more affordable and their consistency unrivalled; its constellation covers every point on Earth.

For New Zealand farmers, this breakthrough in low-cost communication technology creates a new wave of possibilities – one of which is monitoring and controlling water resources; water use in anything from troughs and tanks to rivers and boreholes, all via those tiny satellites.

Hamilton-based ModuSense is an Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) platform that powers remote data collection solutions – everything from water monitoring to vehicle tracking and smart agriculture.

ModuSense CEO Bruce Trevarthen says New Zealand’s geographically dispersed, remote operations pose real challenges across a number of industries. But the ModuSense platform now delivers solutions that make remote operations more efficient, make critical data more intelligent and help save time and money.

Remote water management.  Made easy.

Instead of trailing through the back blocks to check on water storage, ModuSense Water Level Monitoring can relay water levels, usage and alerts straight to your mobile device.  Because it’s solar-powered, with a battery back-up, you can place the ModuSense Water level monitor in the remotest locations, and it will happily operate away, sending you critical updates day and night.

IIoT Water Level Monitoring

Simple installation.  Affordable subscription.

The ModuSense Water level monitor is a ready-to-deploy, satellite-connected solution.  No trying to guess where to point it.  Just mount the solar panel facing the sun for maximum solar charging, and lower the sensor into your tank, trough, borehole or river.  The pre-configured industrial-grade solution will automatically send data via the Swarm satellite network.

You’ll have accurate readings coming through to your dashboards and alerting your mobile device via the ModuSense Data Platform, meaning you will never miss out on the critical information you need to make well-considered water management decisions.

Not only does manually checking your water storage cost you time, the way fuel prices are, it could also cost you more in gas to drive and check your water resources – especially if they’re remote.

To learn more about ModuSense and what solutions they have for your farm or business, visit or call the Hamilton team on 07 974 9150