Maximise Production with Precision Beekeeping

Precision beekeeping is the operational result from ongoing monitoring of apiary conditions, hive conditions and colony behaviour. Distilling the information collected into knowledge that can be used to make better decisions that improve the conditions of each apiary and increase production during summer.

The data showed we were still on the flow, and by delaying the helicopter by just three days production increased by 16%

Hands pouring the honey from bucket to glass jar

It is not just about what is happening over the summer, hive strength coming into the season is critical for maximising the rate at which pollen and nectar can be collected. As spring develops the colony will start to consume stores of honey at a rapid rate, keeping them fed during this expansion stage is fundamental to their success.

As the numbers grow, the risk of running out of available food stores increases. By monitoring throughout winter and into spring you can see exactly when this starts happening and take a proactive and considered approach to hive management.

Bee colony and honeycomb

Operational insights provided by real-time monitoring can help you avoid expensive travel to remote sites when they don’t need it, or being late to a site that ran out of food.

During spring the colonies expand from as low a 10,000 to as much as 80,000 bees, supporting the incubation of up to 2,000 new larvae per day will get your hives crop ready faster.

Tracking the conditions inside the hive gives us a clear view of the strength of the colony and their ability to maintain perfect brood growing conditions