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About Us

ModuSense is an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform that powers IoT solutions from large enterprises to innovative start-ups and everyone in between.  The ModuSense platform includes a modular sensor ecosystem with industry-leading communications including LTE, Satellite, BLE and more. 

We have a core focus of making businesses more effective, efficient and productive. ModuSense allows businesses to monitor production of their resources more effectively by closely monitoring external variables such as weather, air quality, soil moisture, resource consumption and product yield. 

ModuSense provides real-time data to allow these industries to make informed decisions, prompting action and increasing overall productivity.

With both cellular and satellite capabilities, it doesn’t matter how remote sensors are.

ModuSense recently became the first global client for SWARM, a US satellite company providing low-cost satellite connectivity for their devices. In the past, sending data this way would cost hundreds of dollars every month. With SWARM, ModuSense transmits data via satellite for just NZ$10 a month.