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Brood Monitor Sensor

$85.00 NZD
Plus any applicable taxes

Get insights into the condition of your colony without opening the hive!
The ModuSense Brood Monitor is perfect for in-hive health monitoring (Temperature and Humidity).

  • Monitor spring build-up to ensure your colony is gaining strength.
  • Monitor wintering to ensure humidity does not spike and wipe out the colony.
  • Monitor summer harvest to ensure thermoregulation is sustained in the peak heat.

The Brood Monitor is designed to fit between frames and is easily placed inside the hive. 

  • When used stand-alone, the Brood Monitor will log up to 3 months of data - downloadable to any Android or iOS mobile device running the ModuSense App.

  • When used with a ModuSense Gateway Controller, the Brood Monitor sends Temperature and Humidity data in real-time along with hive weight and other data from the apiary. 

Ongoing Costs: Access to the ModuSense data platform (web or mobile app) is included in the purchase price for the first 12 months. For each year after there is a cost of $10 per year per Brood Monitor - that is less than $1 per month!

Warranty Information

Proudly designed and manufactured in New Zealand.