The Hive Beats Environmental Monitoring Sensor is a state of the art electronics device designed to provide you with temperature, humidity, air quality and light level information.

The ModuSense HiveScale v5 is a highly durable scale base for monitoring the weight of a beehive.

Get insights into the condition of your colony without opening the hive! The ModuSense Brood Monitoring Sensor is perfect for in-hive health monitoring (Temperature and Humidity).

The Weather Station product includes the cable and 4-position weatherproof plug ready to attach to a ModuSense Controller Gateway. A mounting bracket is also included for positioning the unit on the side of a pole or post near the ModuSense Controller Gateway.

The ModuSense Water Level Sensor is an industrial quality, a hydrostatic pressure sensor that connects to the ModuSense Gateways or ModuSense Sensor Node using the default RS485 inputs. 

An anemometer is a device used for measuring wind speed. When purchased with a ModuSense Controller Gateway the device mounts above the solar panel on a purpose-built bracket as per the photos shown in the gallery on this page.

The ModuSense wind speed and direction sensor can accurately and quickly detect the wind speed and wind direction of the environment. It is built for robust and rugged weather conditions and has no moving parts.

Our Air Quality Sensor is an industrial-grade sensor that is robust and reliable even in harsh weather conditions. It is bundled with our IIoT Satellite Gateway for air quality monitoring solution. This sensor helps to measure the concentration of dust particulates in the ambient air.

The ModuSense Bluetooth Tilt Sensor is a full 360 arcdeg triaxial wireless tiltmeter for very precise measurement (0.001 arcdeg resolution) of changes in inclination. The instrument uses a very low noise accelerometer that enables a resolution of 0.001 arcdeg with the stability of +/-0.001 arcdeg.

Looking for accurate rainfall measurement and monitoring?  The Rain Gauge Tipping Bucket is an industrial sensor that can be deployed in harsh conditions.

The Optical Rain Gauge is an electronic sensor that detects water hitting the outer surface of the sensor using beams of infrared light. It uses the same sensing principle used in motor vehicle windshield wiper controls. The sensor is optical, not mechanical, chemical, or conductive, and it is therefore far more rugged, sensitive and reliable than tipping bucket rain gauge technology.

Our Soil Moisture Sensor is a robust and reliable device designed to be either inserted into the top layers of soil or buried to gauge deeper conditions.  The sensor is rated IP68 and can be completely submerged.

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