The Right Tool for the Job

Beekeeping is a rugged job often done in rugged places.

Sure, the suits are white and shiny (pro tip: roll about in the grass in your new suit before you dazzle everyone with just how clean and sparkly it is) but everything else about commercial beekeeping is industrial in scale. Thousands of hives, millions of bees, back-country blocks, trucks, tie-downs and pallets. It’s a grimy job at times and one that requires kit that can cope with the bumps and bruises that are part of the industry.

That’s why the ModuSense gear is built the way it is.

A ModuSense device sitting on top of beehives

We’ve worked hard to build kit that can withstand the rigours of working life. The hive scale base is designed around the standard pallet so it doesn’t stick out our undermine the stability of a beehive.

Hive Scale

It’s made out of stainless steel so it can withstand being picked up by a forklift and shoved onto a truck. Or dropped. Or bounced around by a helicopter.

Two men loading palettes of bee hives

You won’t find any trailing leads or cables or parts made of plastic because the whole idea is to reduce the time spent maintaining the kit and free up beekeepers to spend more time understanding how the hives are operating. It’s not there to look whizzy, it’s there to do a job. Just like us.